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CERA - CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND APPLICATION CERA is an autonomous organization, was established in 2003 under permission of the Director General of Vietnam’s National University in Hanoi. CERA has a flexible structure based on its activities and research works. It has gathered the strongest team of national and international researchers who have a strong record of publication as well as been active in applied research and consultancy. Team members cover a wide range of expertise, including various aspects of education studies (education strategy, educational economics and financing, education quality assessment, educational management, inequality in education, digital and e-learning, forecast study in education, pedagogycal, etc.) and economics and international development. The team is also built on a balance of strength in quantitative and qualitative approach and reflects a combination of continuous generations of education leaders as well as various international training backgrounds. Now a day, CERA has become a one of the most research and applied centers in education in Vietnam.

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Hotline: +84 2473017123

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